Hauraki-Coromandel Post - 2021-06-10


Members’ generosity nurtures extensive tree plan


While there are many projects involved in the works plan for moving the golf club forward towards 2030 and beyond, one of the largest and most significant is the Tree Plan. The recent Special General Meeting of the members unanimously approved the “Stage One” tree removal plan, to be implemented this autumn, winter and spring. Some 174 large trees that are old, dropping branches and causing issues will be removed, allowing for the growth and planting of appropriate native replacements. Treescape, one of New Zealand’s largest arboriculture companies, has discounted the removal, and will complete felling through to stump removal from June. It’s hoped the task will be completed across both courses by spring. “While heavily discounted, the project still has a price tag of almost $300,000, and the club is so very fortunate that a small number of members have undertaken to provide a significant portion of this cost, as a donation to the club,” says president Terry Wilson. “This generosity is typical of the culture of the golf club at present, with many members donating time, expertise, goods and money to help the club achieve its goals. It’s a great Kiwi culture to be part of.” The work will impact on access to both golf courses during the specific times that Treescape are completing the project, with the front nine holes at Titoki closed, followed by the Williamson course, and then the back nine holes at Titoki.


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