Horowhenua Chronicle - 2021-04-30


Going Dutch — in a big way


Bruce Falloon

From kite flying to ice skating or just enjoying the day out, people came from everywhere to enjoy the Big Dutch day out last Saturday. Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom’s Arjan van der Boon said, “I’d like to welcome everyone here today especially the Dutch Ambassador and the four MPs. I’d like to thank Tauranga artist Dan du Bern for painting the mural, a multicultural image. “It’s all about the fresh winds coming from the west, from the south, so we can have nice calm day here today. It’s all about nice aspirations for the future. So we can go forward into a new day which is a red tip dawn, in relation to my karakia,” said Robin Hapi. “This signifies and consolidates our relationship with the people from the Netherlands who are residents here in Foxton. Our Foxton community and Ma¯ori hapu, our iwi and the people who supported the construction of Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom,” Hapi said. Mayor Bernie Wanden said, “It’s always good to see this group of ladies in the front of us who do a lot of work in the community. It is good to have the Dutch ambassador here again as well as minister Priyanca and our local MP Terisa, who works very hard. When there’s something on, she always turns up and has her own posse of an entourage of other MPs with her. “This event is a continuation of how special this place is with all the different cultures and ethnicities around us, along with this mural. “I thank Arjan who is a keen and enthusiastic member who has made sure the Dutch connection is alive and well in this district. He and his volunteers have created another special day in our history, and I compliment him for the work they have done,” Wanden said. Dutch Ambassador Mira Wolberg said, “Being a special day it’s always great to be here at Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom which is a very special place as it is the only museum centre where we celebrate with the migrants.” Minister of Ethnic Communities Priyanca Radhakrishnan said, “This is a great pleasure to be here today for the celebration of Dutch week. I like to thank Arjan and all the volunteers for all the work that was done to make this day enjoyable for everyone. “And a special welcome to all dignitaries here today especially list MP Marja Lubeck. It’s great to see the changes that have been made over the years,” Radhakrishnan said. “It’s been a very successful day here and the biggest crowd ever for this event, and it was especially wonderful to have the dignitaries, notably minister Priyanca Radhakrishnan who also carries Diversity and Inclusion. It’s great to have her here for the first time,” Van der Boon said, The results of a colouring competition for local primary schools titled the Big Dutch Day Out were: Year 3 and 4 highly commended for Milla Robinson and Kalaani Rose. Year 5 and 6: 1st Braxton Robinson and highly commended for Lucas Robinson.


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