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COLOUR for kids young and old

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One thing is certain, kids are go go go! The energy that abounds from their little beings from the moment they wake until bedtime is non-stop. As well as their physical energy, their minds are an active place too, taking in more and more new facts and information every day. All the more important for them to have a sanctuary to retreat to, a place to call theirs. With all the fun twists on offer with paint, it’s easy to create an innovative and creative space, be it a bedroom or playroom. When it comes to their rooms, the fun starts. The options for composing actionpacked walls for their spaces are almost as limitless as their imaginations. You may have a rumpus calling for a playful lift or a bedroom on which your child wants to stamp their style. Here are some ideas that are big on fun and style, and they also encourage your child’s creativity. As they learn, children love to communicate what knowledge they’ve acquired. So, what better way to encourage this than with paint? One way your child can express their creative mind in their bedrooms is with blackboard paint, which has maintained its popularity over the years. Resene FX Blackboard Paint is a washable, waterborne finish that can be used to create a blackboard finish. If you’d rather swap the black for a colour, but still want to write on your surface with chalk, use Resene FX Chalkboard Paint, which comes in a range of colours. Blackboard or chalkboard surfaces allow children to let their imaginations run wild, draw with others and have that precious time to escape into their own thoughts. Make sure there is always plenty of different coloured chalk available and a cloth. Clean it completely with a wet cloth every now and again. To add a magnetic layer on which to pin notes and pictures to your chalkboard, use a basecoat of Resene FX Magnetic Magic. Then simply apply your Resene FX Blackboard Paint or Resene FX Chalkboard Paint. One creative way of using Resene FX Magnetic Magic is by painting it as a basecoat then dividing your wall into two rows of squares in different coloured Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen paint for a vibrant look. Or paint shapes such as large clouds or circles. It’ll turn a standard wall into an interactive space. Get photos printed with a magnetic backing and create a photo wall that they can change around over time. So, it is clear which part of the wall is magnetic, apply Resene FX Magnetic Magic to a whole wall or an area with a border defining it. To keep the ability to write on walls but in a different way, look to whiteboard paint. Paint over your existing coloured wall paint in a light colour. Or if you’re seeking a change in colour on your walls, paint on your new chosen colour. Then apply Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint on top. When dry, whiteboard markers can be used to write with. Simply wipe off with a cloth or whiteboard eraser. Children’s rooms are a chance to depart from the clinical look that may exist elsewhere in the home and have fun with textures and patterns and colour. Add the wonder of shimmer to your children’s bedroom walls with Resene Pearl Shimmer. For those children who prefer to keep their colour choices low-key and in the neutral zone, Resene Pearl Shimmer still allows them to still have a bit of magic on walls. Of course, let them put their paper creations on display by way of a colourful pegboard. Tie whatever colour you choose to paint this in with other accents in the room, be it primary or pastel tones. There’s usually no end of bags, hats, and shoes lying around with children in the house. Storage solutions can be made fun by the use of stencils and Resene coloured paint on various cupboard doors. Consider what your child likes to spend their time on. Are they passionate about drawing, writing or reading? Zone a study nook in their bedrooms with a vibrant colour that they love. Incorporate it with a day bed or comfortable seat where they can sit back with a book while they’re not doing homework. Complete it with decent lamps and cushions that complement your desk colour. Or zone out a reading space with coloured shapes painted onto floorboards. Apply a metallic finish here too. Children who love a bit of light to linger after the nights turn off will find Resene FX Nightlight glow in the dark paint magical. For more ideas and inspiration for decorating your home, visit your Resene ColorShop,, or check out more children’s decorating ideas in the habitat plus — kids’ spaces guide Habitat-plus-11.htm .


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