Levin Sale 3/8/22 Small yarding of all livestock due mainly because of continued wet weather. Four day old calves sold – Freisian bulls $30 - $40, F/H bulls $100 - $150, Freisian Hfd heifers $50. Lambs $70 - $90, 15 mth F/H heifers $830. Feilding sale however is going very well for all types of cattle and sheep. The Monday sale is a good option for all prime boner cows. There is strong demand from the meat processors. For more info and booking stock in phone David Haworth 0274 504 133. NZ Farmers Livestock Ltd Rongotea Sale Report 2nd August 2022 ■ A fine day and a hint of optimism saw a lift in prices for heavier cattle at Rongotea this week reported Darryl Harwood of New Zealand Farmers Livestock. 2 year Angus cross steers 391 kg made $2.92/kg, Friesian - Hereford cross steers 384 kg - 450 kg made $3.11/kg - $3.13/kg and Simmental cross steers 484 kg made $3.24/kg. Murray Grey cross steers 348 kg made $2.56/kg and Friesian steers 327 kg made $2.29/kg. 2 year Angus cross heifers 391 kg - 485 kg made $2.69/kg - $3.07/kg and cross bred heifers 323 kg made $2.05/kg. Yearling Friesian bulls 158 kg - 175 kg made $2.06/kg - $2.27/kg and Angus bulls 235 kg made $2.38/kg. Weaner Friesian - Hereford cross steers 123 kg made $390 and Angus cross steers 195 kg made $410. Weaner Friesian - Hereford cross bulls 120 kg made $450 and Limousin cross bulls 135 kg made $400. In the calf pens, Friesian bull calves made $50 - $100, Friesian - Hereford cross bull calves made $80 - $220, Belgian Blue cross bull calves made $200 and Angus cross bull calves made $155. Friesian - Hereford cross heifer calves made $75 - $105, Charolais cross heifer calves made $180, Belgian Blue heifer calves made $125, Angus cross heifer calves made $85 and Speckle Park cross heifer calves made $145 . Disclaimer: This information is derived from NZ Farmers Livestock Ltd’s auction records. Whilst all care has been taken by NZ Farmers Livestock Limited to compile this information, (E & OE), NZ Farmers Livestock Limited and its employees take no responsibility for its accuracy, and no warranty is expressed or implied is made regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, reliability or usefulness of the information.