Sparrow a lesson for pet owners says SPCA

Infection leads to blindness for 4-month-old cat

Brenda Vowden





Get your pet to the vet. That is the message from Napier and Hastings SPCA Centre manager Joy Walker after a small scratch had devastating consequences for four-month-old domestic medium haired cat, Sparrow. Sparrow was brought into the Napier Centre in May by a member of the public with a serious infection in one eye. “We think it probably started off as something very minor like a scratch which could have easily been treated in the initial stages. The infection then spread to the other eye, which was also removed,” Joy says. Despite being completely blind, her personality was not affected. “She is a regular kitten who loves to play and jumps and snuggle. She loves dogs and puppies but doesn’t like other cats,” Joy says. Because of her blindness, Sparrow needed to be an inside only cat. “We were quite strict on this because it is a safety issue for her.” Nearly three months later she has finally found a home. “We are absolutely thrilled that Sparrow found a home. The new owners are exactly what we needed for Sparrow — with no other cats and wishing for an inside only cat. This family did not come in specifically for Sparrow but after discussing what they were looking for with my team, they fit the requirements. They met her and fell in love.” Joy says Sparrow’s condition could have been prevented with vaccinations and/or early vet intervention once the issue had become apparent. “Unfortunately, she came to us too late to be able to save her eyes, but at least we were able to save her life and remove her painful eyes.” Joy has a simple message to pet owners. “Please just call your local vet and get it seen to. If finances are an issue, then most vet clinics have excellent ways to help with that such as Vet Care Finance and After pay. Small things can become rather large issue quite quickly, as we saw in Sparrow’s case.”