Rotorua Weekender - 2021-04-30


Careers expo offers jobs info and inspiration


Shauni James

Alocal expo will be a portal into the world of career options and the pathways to get there, which the community is being encouraged to jump into and explore. The annual Rotorua Careers Expo is coming up on Monday, May 10 and Tuesday, May 11. Expo chairwoman Sheryl Hewitson says the expo is a one-stop shop for people looking at training, employment or further education. “We’ve got employers talking about what people they need, and the universities, institutes of technology and industry training organisations. “We’ve got a big careers hub with employers showcasing what they need in Rotorua and what they are looking for.” She says new this year is the Ministry of Social Development running a speed meet for its clients with employers. Also new are free seminars about handling stress. This year there will also be students, selected by their schools, attending a seminar called Ma¯ori Entrepreneurial Journey. Year 10 students will be looking at how to turn bright ideas into a business or way to make money. Sheryl says each year the expo typically has 4000 to 5000 people attend. “We basically have every high school in Rotorua come through, including our kura. It’s a chance for people to come in and have a look at things in a non-stressful situation. You’re not being pressured, and it’s not just for those at school.” Sheryl says what she enjoys about the expo is seeing people being able to explore, find out about new things and discovering the opportunities that are around. “I always say, ‘how do you know if you don’t know’. There’s so many exciting and new things happening in the world of work, and it’s being able to understand and know about them.” Expo treasurer Lynn Gillespie says the expo’s committee is voluntary, and it gave the members a great sense of satisfaction to see people learning more about what is available to them. “You don’t have to be looking for work, just come and see what’s out there. People tend to think there’s not a lot of work in Rotorua, but we have some amazing opportunities here.”


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