Stratford Press - 2021-05-05


Strong Cubs sessions teach kids about keeping active


Alyssa Smith

A holiday programme has taught children the benefits of physical activity. Fitness and services supervisor of the Lions Den Gym and Fitness Centre, Dane Carr, says this was the first time the Strong Cubs has run in the school holidays. “The Strong Cubs programme takes place every Friday during a school term. With the success of the programme, the Tutaki children and youth social workers thought it would be great to hold a Strong Cubs session in the school holidays as well,” Dane says. At Strong Cubs, children learn the benefits of keeping healthy and do a number of body-weight and resistance-training exercises. “It’s important that kids learn about physical health and the benefits of keeping active. Strong Cubs also introduces the kids to a way to keep activity outside of the usual sports.” After the training session the children made smoothies, Dane says. “We taught them how to make a balanced smoothie for post-physical exercise. It’s important to give your body some fuel after a physical activity.” Zildjian Carr, 7, says he enjoys taking part in the Strong Cubs programme during the school term. “I like it because it keeps you healthy. It’s great that I could go to Strong Cubs in the holidays as well.” Breeze Baker, 12, has just attended Strong Cubs for the first time. “I thought it would be fun to do. I really like lifting weights.”


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